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At GarageLux Ltd, we understand the untapped potential of your garage space. Unlike full garage conversions that can often incur hefty costs, our makeovers offer an affordable alternative. 


Our expertise lies in transforming ordinary garages into exceptional, purpose-driven areas.


Whether you're envisioning a sleek showcase for your supercar, a usable space for doing the laundry or organising your tools, an additional space for your children to safely hang out or aiming to convert it into a functional home gym, we're here to make that vision a reality.


Our Specialities

Full Garage Makeovers

From a complete overhaul to subtle yet impactful changes, we specialise in comprehensive garage makeovers. Our services cover everything, from new flooring to a complete aesthetic overhaul, tailored to suit your specific needs.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions are designed to deliver the same impact at less than one-third of the price, ensuring you get the transformation you desire without breaking the bank.  Ask us today how we can help. 

Specialised Services

  • Garage Flooring: We provide a range of flooring options to suit various tastes and requirements, ensuring durability and style.

  • Garage Lighting: Illuminate your space effectively with our range of lighting solutions, optimising visibility and ambiance.

  • Home Gym Makeovers: Transform your garage into a personalised fitness space that motivates and inspires your workouts.

  • Garage Decoration: Our expertise extends to decorative elements, turning your garage into a visually appealing and functional area.

  • Garage Storage Solutions: Maximise space efficiency with our tailored storage solutions, keeping your garage organised.

  • Plastering and Boarding: Ensuring a smooth, finished look for your garage makeover with expert plastering and boarding services.

Customer Benefits

Free Design Consultations

Our team offers personalised design consultations to understand your preferences and create a customised plan for your garage makeover.

Free Quotations

Get a clear picture of the costs involved with our free, no-obligation quotations. We believe in transparency and clarity in all our dealings.

Additional Options and Add-ons

We're dedicated to offering a comprehensive experience. Our team will suggest additional options and add-ons to further enhance your garage makeover, tailoring it to your exact desires and requirements.



At GarageLux Ltd, we're passionate about

unlocking the potential of your garage space.


Contact us today for a transformation that

exceeds your expectations!

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