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Unlock Additional Earnings with GarageLux Ltd's 2024 Paid Referral Program

Do you have a customer base of car owners? Are you a car detailer, wrapping company or car dealership? Our incentive program will appeal to you.

At GarageLux Ltd, we believe in the power of collaboration and mutual success. Our Referral Scheme is designed to provide our valued partners with an opportunity to increase their earnings while helping their customers create their dream garages. Here's everything you need to know about how it works:




When your customers purchase our combined flooring and fitting service following your referral, you open the door to an exciting bonus scheme. The following bonuses are available based on the type of service they choose:


- Single Garage = £50

- Double Garage = £100

- Large Unit/Shop = £150

- Achieve 5 Successful Referrals in 12 Months = Additional £150

- Achieve 10 Successful Referrals = Additional £250


Example Bonus Potential


Imagine this scenario: You handed out our leaflets to your customers with your unique referral code throughout the year and  10 of your customers purchase our double garage flooring and fitting service in a 12-month period. Here's how your overall bonus potential adds up:


- 10 x Double Garage Bonus (£100 each) = £1,000

- Additional Bonus for 5 Successful Referrals = £150

- Additional Bonus for 10 Successful Referrals = £250

- Total Bonus = £1,400


How It Works


1. Marketing Support: We provide you with leaflets and samples to share with your customers. These materials showcase our flooring and fitting services, making it easy for you to introduce your clients to GarageLux Ltd. And there is more, your customer will also receive £25.00 off the cost of fitting using your flyer. 


2. Unique Referral Code: When you share details of our services with your customers, they will receive your unique referral code from you on the leaflet. This code should be quoted at the time of requesting a quote from GarageLux Ltd, ensuring we can track the referral back to you, this also ensures your customer gets £25 off fitting. To be eligible for the bonus, the customer must not have previously had a quote from us and must provide your unique code at the time of requesting their first quote.


3. Prompt Bonus Payment: As soon as we complete the job for your referred customer, we'll process your bonus payment. You can expect your bonus to be paid within 7 days of the project's completion.

4. Free Marketing: When you sign up, your company details and contact numbers will be added to our website, so local customers can find out about your services. We will also share your details on our social media where we have a following of over 10k potential customer.

5. Its Free: There is no cost to join our scheme, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.


This Referral Scheme not only allows you to earn additional income but also strengthens your relationship with your customers by providing them with a valuable service to enhance their garages. Additionally, GarageLux Ltd's flooring services create picturesque backdrops for showcasing your clients vehicles and your work on social media, boosting your online presence and attracting more customers.


We are here to support you every step of the way, and our dedicated team is available to answer any questions or provide further information. To get started simply click the button below or to enquire about any aspect of the Referral Scheme, please contact us at


Together, we can make garages exceptional and boost your earnings simultaneously. Join us in this exciting opportunity and let's transform garages, one referral at a time!

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